The Various Things You Could Do in Pattaya City, Thailand

If you are looking for a place to visit not just to relax on a beach, then Pattaya City in Thailand is one of the things that you should include in your list because of the number of things that you could do in the city. Just about 2 hours travel from Bangkok, you will then get to encounter the grand entrance to Pattaya City. This city holds a number of beaches right off the bat, so if beaches are your thing, this place is just right for you. And because it holds a number of beaches, there are so many water sports that one can participate in as well. Some of these things include scuba diving, water skiing, surfing and a lot more. The city also holds a strong feature in terms of its history and there is the Buddha Hills that you could get to visit as well. Check Pattaya hotels guide for more info.

To start off, you can surely get to stay in a wonderful hotel in Pattaya with just 60 to 80 dollars a night. Rest assured as well that these hotels will be worth the investment as it should be around 4 to 4 and a half star hotels. If you want to get the most out of your hotel investment, then choose hotels that are within 1 mile radius from Walking Street. Reason being is because this is the area where all of the fun is located.

Thailand, in general, also is famous for their Muay Thai boxing and this is because it is the most popular sport in Pattaya. In most cases, there should be weekly matches while there also are times where it is done on a daily basis. For you to gather information about such event, try asking hotel personnel in the hotel you stayed in, or perhaps as for information from people who also stay in the hotel. Be sure that you will ask for directions and usual range of how much you will be spending. Explore the city with affordable Pattaya tours

It really is best for you to make sure that you will find a hotel within the said area and this is because this is the center where party is life. And having that said, the place just does not know how to rest and sleep, unlike Bangkok, the city will then seem to rest around 2:00am. Another reason for you to consider why you should stay around this area is because there are so many bars that you could choose from, and because there are so many of these that you could find, surely, there should be one bar that just fits with you and your friend's standards. Not to mention that these places also are best for traveling couples. Find more places here: